Center for Political Innovation

The Center for Political Innovation (CPI) is an American think tank founded by Caleb Maupin.

Ideological line

The CPI is focused on the construction of "Socialism with American Characteristics" and was a key promoter of Patriotic Socialism. Primarily focused on education and publishing, CPI emphasizes an economic philosophy of industrial growth rather than financial degrowth while opposing the Synthetic Left which represents most of the existing left-wing groups in the United States.

Chris Butters of the revisionist CPUSA has accused Caleb Maupin and Glenn Greenwald of "signaling left, [and] moving right." [1]

4 point plan

  1. Rebuild the country, like what FDR did

  2. Public ownership of natural resources, such as oil, timber, etc.

  3. Public banking to prevent a creditor class from rising (Usury is banned in the Torah, Bible, and Quran)

  4. Enactment of an Economic Bill of Rights: Job, Housing, Education


The CPI held various conferences throughout its existence, some with notable guests.

Austin: Free America From the Neoliberal Empire

On March 12th 2022, CPI held a conference in Austin, Texas. Guests included Jackson Hinkle, Haz of Infrared, Daniel Burke, Peter Coffin & Ms. ACD, [[Nick Brana]] of the [[Movement for a People's Party]]

Chicago: Unite Against the Imperialists

On August 6th, 2022, CPI held a conference in a suburb of Chicago. Guests included [[Kalambayi Andenet]] of the [[Uhuru Movement]], [[Tara Reade]], [[Garland Nixon]], [[Dust James]], [[Stansfield Smith]] from the [[Free Alex Saab Committee]], [[Chris Helali]] of the [[PCUSA]], and [[Nick Brana]] of the [[Movement for a People's Party]].<ref>{{Web citation|author=Elizabeth P.|newspaper=[[Maintrend News]]|title=CPI Conference in Chicago: Unite Against The Imperialists|date=2022-08-16|url=}}</ref>

Washington DC: Summit Against Hypocrisy

On March 25-26, 2023, CPI held a conference in Washington DC. Guests included [[Scott Ritter]], [[Peter Coffin]], [[Garland Nixon]] and Dr. Wilmur Leon of [[Radio Sputnik]], [[Daniel Burke]] and [[Space LaRouche]] of [[Schiller Institute]], and Joti Brar of CPGB-ML.<ref></ref>


On August 19, 2022, dissenters accused the leader Caleb Maupin of sexual abuse and coercion against women in the organization, along with other acts of cult-like behavior towards members.<ref>{{Web citation|newspaper=Medium|title=Caleb Maupin’s Former Comrades Speak Out, His Abuses Must Stop!|date=2022-8-19|url=|retrieved=2022-8-21}}</ref>

On August 21, 2022, Maupin was expelled from the organization by the CPI Executive Committee in response to his abuses outlined in an exposé letter. On November 6th, 2022, Caleb Maupin publicly addressed the past allegations and announcing the re-foundation of CPI.

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